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The INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd produces a wide range of heat exchangers, to better respond to customer demands. Our realizations are highly flexible, tube bundles and shell of different materials depending on specific applications.


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Our company is structured to provide the most personalized solutions for each type of service.


Standard exchangers


The standard exchangers offer the best value for money, in stainless steel with removable tube, welded to the flange of the head.


Exchangers made ​from drawings


Exchangers made ​from customers' designs are constructed and handled with the utmost attention in order to satisfy the various needs. We manufacture heat exchangers according to the main international standards ASME, VSR, etc...


 Types of heat exchangers made ​to design follow all the possible solutions:



Standard applications


The classic application of the heat exchangers are generally to cool or heat water, oil at low or high pressures and process fluids in general (in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and textile).


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The materials used for the construction of our exchangers are:



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