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Food Processing Plants


The INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd is a leading manufacturer of food processing plants.




The specialized and organized staff works in a completely flexible way and creates food manufactures equipment of last generation. The fields related to food plants are freezing, cooling, fermentation and pasteurization.


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All this combined with the resolution of the problem of food handling, the only true strength of steel Technology Srl that designs, realizes and installs conveyor belts using a huge variety of materials, in order to adapt themselves to the needs of customers and the type of food plants realized.


The INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd is able to offer maintenance services for food equipment installed, and not only in post-sales, but also on already existing systems.


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Over the past 20 years we have gained extensive experience in the food plants that now allows us to propose an ideal partner with specific responsibility for the food plants.


The need to streamline processes, which in recent years has also involved the food sector, has allowed us to enter this field of installation.


We have developed cooling, pasteurization and packaging plants.


Founded by a group of experts in the field as a workshop specialized in the manufacture of special steels, with some initial applications in the field of food processing plants, it was later developed to provide a more complete service to customers. From the simple support structures made ​of stainless steel, we have concentrated on containers that have been added to growing set of complete machines and specifications.


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Recently we have gained a successful step: working on the realization and installation of lines of transport of food processing plants, food transport lines, packaging machines for the finished products, cold rooms for storage of cheese, complete food plants for the portioning, the packaging and labeling of cheeses.


Analyzing the orders completed in the recent years we can see how our presence in the food industry increased.


Thanks to our competence and ability in understanding our customers’ needs, today the company can satisfy the most demanding, even special, request of the major companies operating in the Italian food industry.




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