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Inox Technology - Glove Boxes - Pastorizzatori - Impianti speciali chimici


The INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd was founded in order to satisfy the companies’ problems in installing special equipment: the production of equipment and machinery of a high quality, achieving flexible production at low cost.


As the competition in the market for specialized carpentry sees middle and large factories, with high fixed costs and a physiological "slowness" in the production, the pressure on the prices decreases more margins. Therefore, only the companies that work in the most efficient way will survive.


The INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd was founded by expert professionals, whose unique purpose is providing production flexibility and cost efficiency as follows:


The products of the INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd are bound to the customers production. Especially Glove Boxes (also in high vacuum), Pharmacy Isolator (individual and assembly), Laboratory Furniture, Clean Room, pasteurizers, conveyors, reactors synthesis, Buchner filters, heat exchangers, Screw, pulping, micronisers, fermenters.


But even executions of furniture such as stairs and kitchens design. The flexibility of INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd is able to follow the customer in the most demanding needs without the burden of planning.


The technical department receives the projects through email and then manages, with the production department, all the phases of the processing, taking a direct line to the client that can update in real-time the improvements.




The success of the INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd comes from the ability of its team to create a flexible structure, adaptable to demanding customers and for quick applications; making the work available with a good quality-price ratio to a market as broad as possible and receptive.


Extremely wide the range of materials used:




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