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impianti farmaceutici     impianti farmaceutici


This Factory was founded by a group of experts as a workshop specialized in the manufacture of special steels. At the beginning it has worked the field of pharmaceutical plants, then it has developed to provide a more complete service to the customers. From simple support structures made ​of stainless steel the factory has grown, starting producing containers that have been added to complete and specific machines. Recently it has handled the realization and installation of transmission lines for pharmaceutical plants, lines of pharmaceutical products, machinery for the packaging of the finished products of complex pharmaceutical plants.


impianti farmaceutici       impianti farmaceutici


To our main activities of realization of new pharmaceutical plants, have, in a second time, been added activities of specialists of the mechanical, recovery and restoration of already existing equipment. Because of the evolution of the price of raw materials and considered the high value of the materials needed for the construction, increasingly we must intervene for the recovery of damaged existing equipment, such as: synthesis reactors, Cyclones, large tanks, filters dishes, Glove boxes (in vacuum), Pharmacy Isolator (individual and assembly), Laboratory furniture, Clean Room, pasteurizers, conveyors, Filters Buchner, exchangers, Screw, pulping, micronisers, fermenters. Identified the intervention and amendments the staff of the Steel Technology, using a specialization achieved over the years, restores the whole outfit so that you can enter, like a new building, in pharmaceutical plants of origin.


impianti farmaceutici impianti farmaceutici inox technology


The company is structured with appropriate expertise in the field of PED and ISO. The welders have completed all the welding specifications to work in tranquility with the highest standards required for the construction and installation of pharmaceutical plants.


Analyzing the orders completed in the last years you can see the increase of our presence in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to our competence and our ability of understanding the customers’ needs, today the company can satisfy the most demanding, even special, major companies operating in the Italian chemical - pharmaceutical landscape.


impianti farmaceutici


Over the past 20 years we have gained extensive experience in the various fields of chemistry that now allows our company to present itself as an ideal partner with specific expertise for pharmaceutical plants. The need to streamline the processes, which have also involved the pharmaceutical industry, has allowed us to enter this field of installation. We have developed plants of synthesis, purification and packaging.


Significant experiences have been carried out successfully at: Vetraco, ACS Dobfar, PROTECNO, LABOCHIM, POLY CHEMICAL, INDENA.



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