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A stainless steel tanks


Thanks to their reliability and durability, storage tanks of INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd are the best solution for all forms of storage and retention of fluids and commodities in general.



Our constant presence in the national scene makes us produce cost-effective solutions and at the same time unique in their quality of execution.


Stainless steel grade, from qualified suppliers, are the starting point from which begins the process that shapes our qualified products.


The expert personnel combined with technologically updated provide an ideal preparation and a consolidated method.


The flexibility of INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd allows us to provide standard products and tanks on customers’ drafts.


The attention to the details and to all the stages of production, have as a consequence a final product control of all parts realized in our factory.



Our production


Stainless steel tanks vertical storage

The INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd was born and has grown to better respond to anyone who needs to store liquids or semi-solids, powders rather than grains, differentiating their offerings with different product lines, each of which can be further customized in capacity and functionality to better meet the needs of each individual customer.


Steel storage tanks horizontal

The construction of steel storage tanks can be customer design, landscape orientation usually allows you to optimize the space and the movements of the same stainless steel tanks.


Stainless steel tanks under pressure

A stainless steel tank under pressure is a container designed to contain gas or liquid at a pressure greater than the external. The design includes the PED and ASME, with related testing and certification in accordance with the tanks.


Chilled water storage tanks stainless

The stainless steel tanks for storage of chilled water tanks are equipped with attacks and external coating can be provided in which baffles or bulkheads. They are available in several models, with a capacity lt. 100 to lt. 5000 achievable in both vertical and horizontal, and can also be implemented in design. Are used in installations for air conditioning where they allow to maintain a constant water temperature by avoiding frequent interventions of the compressor.


Stainless steel tanks for domestic hot water storage

The thermo-batteries are storage tanks for domestic hot water in 316L stainless steel sheet, made of different types with capacities from 200 to 5000 liters. Insulated and equipped with attacks, can also be produced in versions tailored to individual needs.


Insulated stainless steel tanks

For the needs of the product contained in many cases it is necessary to coat the tanks to prevent the contained product to cool, or to prevent the high temperature constitute a hazard to operators and are in contact with the surfaces of the tanks themselves. All types of stainless steel tanks can be manufactured and subsequently insulated with conventional materials and finishes using laminations of aluminum or steel.


The INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd to meet the more stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, cosmetic and food industries, suitable for the preparation, filling and / or storage solutions, parental liqudi, suspensions, eye drops, creams, syrups etc., creates custom templates of stainless steel tanks sterilizers of capacity varying from 30 to 12,000 liters.


Stainless steel tanks Reactors

There are different types of chemical reactor, in function of the reaction and to pursue the chemical nature and the substances involved, as well as the mode of conducting the reaction: continuous or discontinuous.


The design of a chemical reactor takes into account many aspects of chemical engineering study. Must ensure that the reaction takes place with the best yield with the least possible expense. Must also be taken into account the dangerousness of the reaction and the toxicity of reactants and products involved. The embodiments of the INOX TECHNOLOGY Ltd include multiple fields of application, both of materials used for the construction.




Heated and cooled stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel tanks tested PED ASME

Stainless steel tanks for mixing

Stainless steel tanks service sterilizers

Stainless steel tanks for storage of powders

Stainless steel tanks for process columns

Stainless steel tanks for fermentation

Stainless steel tanks Autoclaves

Stainless steel tanks Pasteurization

Stainless steel tanks Dissolvers

Stainless steel tanks Emulsifiers

Stainless steel tanks performed on site




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